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Strengthen leadership skills

  • Do you want to prepare prospective managers for their new role?
  • Do you want to strengthen your communication skills?
  • Do you want to prepare your managers for the digital transformation?
  • Do you need to refresh your business know-how?

Leadership is changing. In the digital age, new, dynamic leadership competencies are needed in addition to traditional competencies. Providing orientation without knowing the exact path, providing security in times in which something different can apply tomorrow than today. Your managers need the right tools to do this.

Tailor-made leadership training for your needs

In our seminars on leadership, we prepare your managers for the complex challenges they face in their everyday lives. Our basic seminar primarily addresses new managers. Experienced managers receive support in the areas of communication and digital leadership. Last but not least, we also offer non-BWL managers a simulation game on the subject of key figures.

All our in-house seminars are of course tailored to your individual needs. Contact us so that together we can develop a tailor-made training concept for you. You can find our coaching approach here.

Seminar 1: leadership basics
Seminar 2: leadership communication
Seminar 3: leadership 4.0
Seminar 4: leadership business

Seminar 1

leadership basics

Confident start in the new manager’s role

“At last Manager!” The joy is tremendous over this longed for promotion!  However, it does not take long to find out that with this new position many unexpected situations arise.

Managers are able to prepare for these unexpected challenges, for example how to deal with various personalities. Only when you have the knowledge of how to approach these varied challenging situations are you able to categorise and master irritating or surprising behaviour of your staff.

In this foundation seminar for prospective and new managers you will get to know psychological explanatory models giving you a better understanding for the behaviour of other people. With this Power-Potential-Profile® developed by flow consulting, you will also gain insight into your own personality and your inner attitude towards leadership and your professional role. This way you will be even better equipped to deal with various management situations, reflecting, recognising, mastering options.

Target group:

  • New managers who are in a management position for the first time
  • Executives with extended leadership function
  • Management trainee

leadership basics

content priorities

  • The start into the new role – so gelingt´s!
  • Reflection of the leadership role and personality with the Power-Potential-Profile® (incl. evaluation & consulting)
  • New leadership challenges require classical and digital competencies
  • Personal strategies in dealing with difficult situations
  • Your next concrete steps in everyday management life

leadership communication

content priorities

  • Constructive and respectful communication
  • Motivate employees and win them over for your goals and perspectives
  • Moderation of team meetings and group processes
  • Effectively countering conflicts, resistance and blockades
  • Conducting difficult conversations – bringing criticism, feedback and bad news to the table.

Seminar 2

leadership communication

Practical, sound, suitable for everyday use – valuable tools for your management communication

Your employees may expect you as a manager to set the tone in the team. It is therefore important to strike the right note in very different situations.

Many managers owe their rise to leadership to their professional competence. But you won’t get far with that alone. Your communication skills are at least as important for your professional success. As a manager, you have to assign tasks to your employees, criticize and motivate them, give feedback and address conflicts, convince them and enter into a real dialogue. This is often challenging and new. This makes it all the more important for you to acquire the communicative tools on which you can rely even in difficult conversations.

In this training you will reflect on your communication skills and develop them further. You will get to know practical tools for every conversation situation and test them in the seminar so that you can use them successfully in your daily work. It is no longer a problem for you to strike the right note after this seminar.

Target group:

  • Executives at all levels