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All our consultants, coaches and trainers share the same understanding of their work: precise observation, critical questions, openess to dialogue and to start things moving step by step together with our customers. This is the basic understanding of iterative consultancy.

Dr. Eckhard Bollow
Dr. Eckhard BollowConsulting & Training
Matthias Diederichs
Matthias DiederichsConsulting & Training
Peter Eisele
Peter EiseleConsulting & Training
Silke Engel
Silke EngelManagement & Consulting
Sonia Erdmann
Sonia ErdmannConsulting / Training
Anneli Gabriel
Anneli GabrielConsulting & Training
Sandra Hild
Sandra HildConsulting & Training
Merret Hinrichen
Merret HinrichenConsulting & Training
Dieter Kannenberg
Dieter KannenbergManagement & Consulting
Katrin Kannenberg
Katrin KannenbergBack office
Gabriele Möllenkamp
Gabriele MöllenkampConsulting & Training
Oliver Pichen
Oliver PichenBack office
Regina von Fintel