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Empowering co-workers and advancing teams

  • Do you want to optimise teamwork?
  • Would you like to acquire the license for the Power-Potential-Profile®?
  • Do you want your internal training courses to be effectively led by your employees?
  • Are you looking for new impulses for your employee development?

Efficient teams, motivated and committed employees – every company benefits from this. As a manager or HR manager, you contribute to ensuring that specialists feel comfortable in your company and identify with their work. In this way you help to defy the shortage of skilled workers.

Tailor-made personal training for your needs

development and our Train-the-Trainer seminar. In the ‘personnel development’ seminar we present proven and current methods of personnel development and you can test them out right away. If you want to work as an internal coach, our Power-Potential-Profile® tool will help you to promote the individual development of managers and sales staff as well as the further development of teams.

All our in-house seminars are of course tailored to your individual needs. Contact us so that together we can develop a tailor-made training concept for you.

Seminar 1: personnel team (Teambuilding)
Seminar 2: personnel potential
Seminar 3: personnel development
Seminar 4: personnel trainer

Seminar 1

personnel team

Successful team – developing and promoting collaboration

“As a team of 11, you must be friends”, once was said in football. This has not been true since a long time. However, truth be told whether in football or in another professional field, in sports as  in business, success  depends on a well functioning team.

When people with different characters and experiences are working together in a team misunderstandings and conflicts are inevitable. It is crucial for the success of a team and its “spirit” for members  to work together well.   Do you happen to notice emphasis on differences,  are individuals  keeping to themselves?  Or is there  an acceptance of the differences and interactions amongst the team member? When you know your own strength and weaknesses, you will be able to increase  your understanding and trust in others.  Awareness and open communication is very important in creating a productive feeling and togetherness in a team.

Our seminars for team building will be tailored  to your individual requirements, depending on whether it is a newly formed team, a team conflict , a locally separated team, or a team fusion. With the Jungian Personality Profile (JPP) tool developed by us, we have our own tool aiding us in  getting to know character differences amongst the team members leading to  a successful co-operation.

Target group:

  • Personnel developers
  • Team leaders
  • Managing directors

personnel team

content priorities

  • What teams need to be successful and agile
  • Develop clear goals and a shared vision for your team
  • Clarification of roles and tasks in the team
  • Understanding team dynamics and creating productive relationships
  • Instruments for dealing constructively with conflicts
  • Identify your own strengths and productively use individual differences within the team.

personnel potential

content priorities

  • The theoretical foundation of the Power-Potential-Profile®
  • The practical application of the three modules of the PPP®:
  • JPP – who am I? MDA – what do I want? FSL – what can I do?
  • The result report: Evaluation and interpretation help
  • The evaluation interview: Exercises, examples, questions
  • Fields of application of PPP® for consulting, training, coaching, etc.
  • Tips and advice on the use of PPP®

Seminar 2

personnel potential

Extensive Analysis of Potential – Power-Potential-Profile® Licensing Workshop

When coaching, training or developing the team, it will be helpful for you to carry out a potential analysis with your participants in advance.

We have developed with the Power-Potential-Profile (PPP) a tool very suitable for this purpose. The PPP consists of three modules providing answers to the three fold question. Who am I? What is it I want to achieve? What am I able to do ?
The PPP Is based on a valid theory and evidently has shown strong results in practice. It may only be used by licensed consultants, trainers or coaches.

When attending this workshop you will obtain the licence to use  the PPP and as such increase the quality of what you are out to achieve. In a consultation we will clarify conditions regarding the participation.

Target group:

  • Personnel developers
  • Trainers
  • Coaches (internal or external)
  • Consultants