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Mastering the leadership challenges of digital transformation

The impact of digital transformation and Industry 4.0 goes far beyond technical aspects. Work processes are becoming more flexible and the culture within organisations is changing. Employees have changed expectations and new challenges to master. Managers should prepare themselves for this. In addition to the classic competences, they need an expanded leadership repertoire. We have described for you the competencies that leaders need in the digital transformation. They are based on a meta-study conducted by flow consulting.

Führungskompetenzen des future skills for leadership dynamic Metastudie moderne Führungskompetenzen

This is what you experience in the flow dynamic leader’s lab

In our dynamic leader’s lab you will learn the seven leadership competencies for successful leadership in dynamic situations. The results of a short test will give you individual impulses for your personal development. You will experience how to strengthen your leadership role in the digital transformation.

The focus of the seminar is explicitly on the leadership of employees and agile teams in the digital age. You will learn how leadership based on agile leadership approaches and working in interdisciplinary teams works today.

Who is the dynamic leader’s lab addressed to?

You are a manager and want to successfully lead your employees or your team on the basis of current approaches.

You are a human resources developer and want to learn what you can do so that your managers actively shape the digital transformation at different levels in the company.

As a managing director, you reflect on your new role in the digital world and receive advice on the consequences for organisation and leadership.


  • The digital transformation and its impact on leadership
  • The seven leadership competencies for the digital transformation
  • Understanding and influencing your own leadership in the new environment: Shaping Leadership
  • Leadership 4.0: Rethinking leadership
  • Complexity: What does it mean for leadership?
  • Ambiguities: Contradictions that leaders have to deal with in today’s world
  • The Cynefin framework: executing, managing and accurately delegating complicated and complex tasks appropriately

Our speakers at the dynamic leader’s lab

Frank Wippermann - Geschäftsführer - flow consulting gmbh

Frank Wippermann

managing partner of flow consulting gmbh, has been working internationally as a consultant and trainer for more than thirty years.

His main focus: Making complex changes, implementing strategic innovations and preparing managers precisely for this.

He conceived the theoretical background of ‘iterative consulting’ and develops new practical consulting and training tools with the flow research group.

Frank Wippermann studied electrical engineering and philosophy. He is an EFQM assessor and Professional Scrum Master, a member of EGOS and a lecturer on change management and leadership at various universities. Numerous publications in books and trade journals, key note speaker at congresses and corporate events.

Sandra Hild - Senior Consultant - flow consulting gmbh

Sandra Hild

trains and coaches with psychological expertise and sensitivity executives of all levels up to boards of Dax companies. After completing her studies (business psychology, business administration and social pedagogy), she worked in management positions on topics such as personnel management, personnel development and quality management.

In her work as a Senior Consultant she combines the psychological aspects of leadership development with questions of strategy development and process management.

In addition to the classic topics from change management, leadership and team development, she also works on specific challenges, such as health management.

Silke Engel - Senior Consultant - Partnerin - flow consulting gmbh

Silke Engel

is managing partner and senior consultant at flow consulting.
For her is all about communication. As a psycholinguist, she knows exactly what she is talking about in her trainings, coachings and consultations.

Whether in sales, in leadership or in the internal organization – Silke Engel conveys her content with great commitment and the necessary pinch of humor. As soon as the why is clarified with the customer, she goes solution-oriented to the how.

Before deciding to join flow consulting, Ms Engel worked for 15 years as an independent consultant, trainer and coach in southern Germany.

Even after her studies, she continued to learn more and completed further education as a trainer and consultant, mediator and systemic coach.