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  • You can complete this course in approx. 8 hours total time.
  • You can divide the working time individually and interrupt it at any time.
  • The course remains activated for you for 30 days.
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  • After payment, e.g. by paypal or credit card, you will receive an access link.
  • The course costs 150,- Euro net (178,50 Euro incl. 19% VAT).
  • This course is only available in German.
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What can you expect in this e-learning Change Management?

This e-learning course offers modern approaches, models and methods for change management in 10 entertaining chapters. You will receive suggestions and tips for managing change projects in your own organisation.

The course is entertainingly presented with short videos, explanatory films, tasks, graphics, texts and more.

During the 90 days from purchase, you can click into the course at any time and thus set your own pace. Each chapter can be repeated as often as you like. During the course, you can email questions to us.


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Topics of the course

  • Unproductive ease or productive unease?
  • Complexity in change
  • Linear or iterative approach
  • The Change Navigator
  • The four roles in the change process
  • Which levers are helpful?
  • Ashby’s Law and the Cynefin Framework
  • Influencing change commitment
  • The cross-impact analysis
  • Change Management and Digital Transformation

First insight: Productive unease

When analysing a change project, it is important to ask: How complex is your change situation?

The more complex the internal and external world of an organisation is, the more complex the organisation has to be. In complex situations there are no “right” or even “final” answers, but only provisionally valid patterns. Then be prepared to act “cautiously”, proceed experimentally: Observation, trial and error and learning are the order of the day (iterative approach).

But what if the change project is not complex? Then don’t spread unproductive unease unnecessarily. In such manageable situations, use classic methods such as expert advice or project management (linear approach).

Change Management in komplexen Situationen

Change management in complex situations

Would you rather read a book on this topic? In this book by Frank Wippermann, Managing Director of flow consulting gmbh, you will find a complete overview of tools, models and approaches for modern change management.

A book with many illustrations and examples: It combines conceptual approaches of complex-adaptive systems with practical experience from 20 years of change management.

This book is also excellent as a supplement to the e-learning course.

You can order the book directly from Erich Schmidt Verlag (ESV)

Change Management Consulting

We would be happy to support you in your specific change project. You will find further information right here.

Change Management Seminars

In seminars at our flow academy, whether online or in a face-to-face format, you will expand your practical knowledge of managing change projects. Have a look at some examples of seminars here