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flow change: Effective Change Management

  • Are there necessary changes to be made in your organization?
  • Do you need help to deal with increasingly complex situations?
  • Should Change management be a lived practice in your company?

We advise and accompany you in the planning and implementation of Change projects in your company.

Flexible control is necessary

Our experience of many years in the field of Change management show that most change projects are so complex that flexible control of the process is crucial for success. We have developed the concept of iterative Change management. It helps you and your Change managers to respond flexibly to the current progress of change at all times, and is therefore clearly superior to a linear approach.

Optimally adapted to your needs

So that your Change managers always know which project phase they are in and which steps will follow next, we have also developed the flow turn map, which has proven to be a good orientation aid in the Change process. It is also important to us to adapt every consulting project optimally to your organization and, above all, to activate your internal know-how in the best possible way.

We are happy to support your Change process.

Iterative Change management for complex challenges

Simple Change situations require a focused approach following a clear plan. A linear approach is recommended here. Complex situations, on the other hand, require an experimental approach which pays attention to surprises. In this way, the ‘restless dynamic’ can be used productively. Deviations in this procedure are understood as feedback and impulse. You must consistently observe and check which changes in the environment are significant for your organization. It is important to point out ways in which you can improvise, and to make new decisions with each step.

The commitment of managers and employees to Change is thus the center of attention.

Change Management and complexity

The flow turn map®

We have developed the flow turn map as an orientation map for Change management. It overcomes the apparent logic of pure phase-oriented Change models. In complex situations, the planning of fixed processes can only be temporary. In Change management, for example, it is always necessary to double-check which phase you are in and which intervention you need to take. The turn map consists of four themes of change, the interplay of which a manager observes and interprets in order to be able to shape change projects.

Further information on the flow turn map can be found here.

With the ‘flow change navigator you can find out the currently relevant phase for your change project. You will receive suggestions for suitable interventions in the respective phase.

Check how complex your Change project is

With the help of the ‘Good Approach’ tool, you can find out the scope of the change project. Is it the content that is changing? Are the strategy, structure and culture of the company affected? What is the Change process like? Does everything have to go very quickly or do you have to approach the matter carefully? Is there a clear aim or is it more of a target corridor? The context in which a change takes place should also be considered. Does the change take place in a stable environment or are there major upheavals?

After an evaluation with this tool, you will receive a recommendation as to which Change approach to choose. We will be happy to advise you.

Communicating change

Not all employees are equally informed about what is happening within the company. The internal communication of an organization during a Change project is decisive in its success. Already at the beginning of a change process you should start the communication for the Change, as times of uncertainty encourage more rumours than timely communication.

A good communication campaign focuses on formulating the core message. This core message should be prepared in such a way that it is factually correct and at the same time creates an atmosphere of optimism. Then you design the “packaging” of the content. Which Change story shows the necessary change in a particularly vivid way? Which communication media can you use? Pay attention to the right timing, the target groups (employees, partners, suppliers, banks, media, etc.), the type of communication (information or interaction) and the communication channels. It is advantageous to define a “face of the campaign”. A person who credibly and unequivocally represents the upcoming change.

Leading in times of change

In managing stability, i.e. in simple and predictable situations, leadership quality is reflected in the ability to set aims and stimulate measures to achieve them. However, these leadership qualities are not enough for the management of complex situations. An attitude is needed in which visions are communicated convincingly, mistakes are accepted as part of learning, and uncertainty is dealt with credibly.

An attitude is needed in which the two relevant elements of inner attitude – authority and responsibility – are developed equally.


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