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Successful personnel management – added value for your company

  • Strong and motivated employees are indispensable for long-term entrepreneurial success.
  • Are your concepts and processes in personnel selection and development still up-to-date?
  • Modern and innovative personnel management is a worthwhile investment in the future.

You can have a great product – without good and motivated employees your company will not be successful in the long run. But how do you find the “right” employees in the face of a shortage of junior staff and specialists? And how do you retain them in the long term and recognize their development potential?

Personnel management from A to Z

We will be happy to advise you on all questions relating to HR: Which personnel strategy is right for your company? How do you organize a meaningful assessment? How do you develop a coherent personnel development concept? How do you develop a target agreement concept and a remuneration system with high acceptance in the workforce? You can rely on our know-how in all these areas. We can adapt the flow assessment developed by us to your individual needs. And with the Power-Potential-Profile also developed by us, you have a multidimensional and quickly effective potential analysis for coaching, training and team development at your disposal.

Your HR topics are in good hands with us.

HR must be the driver

The demands placed on a workplace are changing, as are the needs of employees. As a result, personnel development is becoming increasingly important – not only because of the much-described shortage of junior staff and skilled workers. What does personnel development have to achieve in order to meet current and future requirements? In the best case, the qualifications of the employees correspond to the current requirements at the workplace. If this is not the case, measures must be discussed, precisely described and implemented. These must be suitable to close the gap between actual and target. In addition, managers and employees should prepare together in the present for the strategically relevant challenges of the future.

personalmanagement HR strategy

Training for Change Agents

You don’t just rely on external change management consultants? Do you also rely on internal consultants, facilitators or change agents for consulting, moderation and training?  We offer practical and innovative training concepts for your internal moderators and change agents. You benefit from our cross-sector experience in accompanying many change projects. We will be happy to teach you the theory and practice of iterative consulting as well as the basic skills for good workshop moderation.

Example workshops can be found here:

Personnel strategy

Personnel is becoming less and less of a cost factor, but more and more a bottleneck. What good is it if the finance, product, and sales boards decide to expand the business, and were not asked beforehand whether there was enough qualified personnel available for this expansion? A solid human resources strategy is linked to the strategies of the other divisions; in the best case scenario, personnel-relevant key figures are a central component of business controlling. Then future challenges can be tackled in good time with the help of well-founded personnel requirements planning. Instruments of personnel marketing, personnel development, and personnel deployment planning support the implementation of a personnel strategy.

New forms of target agreement

The classic forms of target agreement have largely failed. Fewer and fewer tasks can be captured and evaluated in the form of a key figure. In addition, it is hardly possible to do justice to overall behavior with a degree of target achievement. The widespread rigid handling of universally planned goals also lead to little practice-oriented results. The fact that many agreements are actually specifications does not exactly contribute to employee motivation.

Contemporary alternatives for the successful control of employee tasks are: Flexible goals, agreements on measures, Hoshin Planning, or Scrum. This means that manageable requirements by the supervisor are combined with largely autonomous decision-making leeway by the employees.

We are happy to support you in the design, introduction and alignment of new forms of target agreement.

Assessment Center: Agility versus quality?

New digital personnel selection methods promise a simple decision-making aid and should lead to more agility in the entire recruiting process. However, it should be checked exactly which procedure really delivers what it promises. On the one hand, the quality of your selection decision must be ensured. On the other hand, you need flexible and quickly adaptable procedures.

We advise you on the development and use of flexible selection procedures. Thus, our concept for a development or assessment center is based on a fixed core of valid methods and supplements this with company-specific adapted tasks. However, sometimes a professional applicant interview with integrated micro-tasks and the use of a test proof psychometric procedure is sufficient.

Digital support

The use of our software ‘flow Assessment’ enables an immediate evaluation in the running Assessment Center due to the digital recording with a tablet. The high flexibility of the software used ensures flexible adaptation to the requirements of your assessment center. Our customers confirm to us that the intensive dialogue and transparency of the procedure significantly promotes the acceptance of the results by both the participants and the observers.

New demands on executives: Digital Leadership

The digital transformation, the shortage of skilled workers, the change in values and the increasing dynamics in the markets present managers with new challenges. Projects can no longer be managed linearly and according to fixed plan specifications. Employees expect more room for maneuvering. Home office work alternates with on-site deployment. The use of digital instruments is increasingly determining processes. Employees have access to more and more information. Some are overwhelmed by this “new world”, others want more and more freedom to implement their own ideas.

Managers have to adapt to this. We support you in developing your leadership culture. Our instrument ‘Future Skills for Leadership dynamic’ describes and measures the seven essential new dynamic leadership competencies. These competencies can be developed through potential checks, management potential programs, coaching sessions, workshops and action learning projects.

Future Skills for Leadership


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