For many businesses the subject of business models and business model innovation is very important at the moment. Startup companies create new business models, the energy sector splits their business models, large cooperations found new labs to probe new models themselves, etc. The digital transformation leads increasingly to a change of the traditional business models.

My colleague and partner from flow consulting, Frank Wippermann has now published an article in the open journal ‘Business Management Dynamics about this topic.

The article reveals that for business model innovation in complex situations an iterative approach is essential. To achieve a successful iterative implementation, the turn map® can help to render a well weighted amount of flexibilit and stability. In complex situations a number of activities, continous adjustments and a flexible approach is needed. At the same time the players in a business must be able to act and decide at all times.

  • This means that it needs a combination of an “opening” and “locking” approach. The flow turn map® offers a framework for the design of (new) business models in complex situations.
  • For the ones who are interested in the theoretical background of the flow turn map® can find a description: english version
  • For the ones who would like to explore the practical use and application of the flow turn map® step for step, can find a consice explanation and illustration on our animated website (in German only).


Dieter Kannenberg

Foto: pixabay