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Good marketing is a question of perspective

  • Are your marketing measures effective?
  • Is your communication strategy orientated towards the customer’s perspective?
  • Do you want to get to know your customers or employees better?

The most beautiful marketing campaign is worthless if it is planned without the needs and attitudes of the customers or addressees. The basis of every marketing measure should therefore be a valid communication strategy from the customer’s perspective. In order to develop this, you have to know your customers or addressees.

Get to know your customers!

We support you in developing a suitable communication strategy and designing effective campaigns. In order to research your customers and addressees, we use a multidimensional methodology consisting of field analyses, customer observations, online surveys, open interviews and other interactive methods. To illustrate your target group, we use the results to describe one or more “personas” with name, face, career, attitudes, interests and buying behaviour. These “personas” help you to better understand your customers and to develop a successful communication strategy as well as marketing measures tailored to it.

We also support you in the implementation of your campaign. Together with our partner agencies, we offer you a full service from strategy to final implementation.

Changed user behavior leads to changes in marketing strategy

The theory and practice of marketing has changed enormously in recent years. Social media play an important role, e.g. for target group specific Facebook campaigns, the inclusion of influencers or the realisation of interactive competitions. The subject of Big Data, with the ever larger collection of individual customer-referred information, creates new possibilities.

But the question of strategy is still decisive for all marketing activities and measures. All elements of a marketing campaign have to be considered.

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blended approach

Multidimensional Research Methodology: Blended Approach

You benefit from our experts in the execution of research assignments. We use qualitative methods such as customer observations or field analyses as well as quantitative methods such as online surveys. Interactive methods – online or offline – complement our research spectrum. In customer workshops or focus groups, you learn what really moves your customers. If the focus is on interaction and experience, you will gain enthusiastic advocates for your products and for your company.

Focusing on target groups and purpose

B2B marketing measures are subject to different rules than B2C marketing. Marketing for the development of an employer brand obeys different rules than a communication campaign to inform, motivate and involve employees in a challenging change project.

Since the 1990s, milieu research has made a significant contribution to the optimisation of marketing messages, language formulations and image worlds. Because not only the income determines the buying behaviour, but also the values that a consumer shares.

flow business place

What’s your distinguishing mark?

Innovation in product development is, of course, an essential building block in the development of a difference to the competition. But in many industries, the competition in product development is catching up quickly. Good marketing ideas are also copied by competitors in the following season. And customers not only expect a suitable product at the right price, but also want to experience a difference in service.

On the other hand, building long-term loyal customer relationships in the B2B business takes much longer and cannot be easily replicated. The implementation of service processes is also a protracted affair. Increase the utility value of your products and services, find your distinguishing feature so that you are one step ahead of the competition.

It’s the words that matter: Journalistic Expertise

As a rule, your texts are not only written by agencies. Often employees also write: blog posts, Facebook entries, press releases, intranet information, newsletters, presentations and much more. To ensure that the content is understandable and the message gets across correctly, the text is also decisive: Is the content correctly structured, do the headlines arouse curiosity, are there examples and illustrations, are there short and concise phrases, are there emotional anchors?

We have journalistic professionals in our team who are happy to revise and shape your texts for you. And we also offer you the opportunity to make your employees fit for writing. Writing workshops have proven their worth for this, where typical text formats are used for concrete practice. On request, we also offer individual training courses for public appearances. In this way, you will be able to cope with special media challenges.

Get your message across

Google is the filter in online marketing

You know that the communication behaviour of customers has changed enormously. The search for information, the interaction with the company and the purchase are increasingly taking place on the internet. In the subway, smartphones are used for quick research before you enter the store. At the workplace, before the call to the business partner is made, his website is quickly checked or a comparison portal is called up.

The majority first use the standard search page, which is called Google. In order to be as far ahead as possible in the search results, you deal with the optimization of your Internet activities according to the rules of Google (SEO) and use their advertising possibilities (SEA).

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A good overview of all forms of online marketing can be found in this Wikipedia article.