For experienced consultants who are interested in licensing the Power-Potential-Profile®, we offer workshop dates again in 2020.

You can find a detailed description of these workshops here.

A quick overview

The Power-Potential-Profile® is a multidimensional and quickly effective potential analysis for coaching, training and team development. It provides information about the personality structure, one’s own attitude towards professional roles and measures the competencies for leadership or sales and distribution. To give you a quick overview, you can find the interview with Dieter Kannenberg here (it’s in german).

Benefits of licensing

The Power-Potential-Profile® is optimally suited for personnel development. It is valid, theoretically well-founded and meaningful in practice. On the basis of the results, individuals or teams can receive individual development tips that quickly and permanently initiate positive developments. The Power-Potential-Profile® is always linked to a concrete consultation, coaching, seminar or workshop. In this way the results can be interpreted correctly and translated into positive development. In the licensing workshop, you will receive all relevant tips for successfully using the instrument as a consultant your own client base.

Possible applications of the instrument

By the way, the Power-Potential-Profile® is also an important basis for the work in the management and sales trainings of the new flow academy. Just take a look:

The topic of Leadership 4.0 and digital transformation continues to be of great importance for managers. We are responding to this great interest and will offer the so-called ‘Dynamic Leader’s Lab’ at 5 locations in Germany for the first time in 2020. Here you can experience the seven new leadership competencies – at specially selected locations throughout Germany.

The newly developed module ‘Future Skills for Leadership dynamic’ also plays a special role in the licensing workshop. This new instrument determines the agility compatibility of a manager in seven dimensions. You can read more about this in this article (in german language) in the trade journal Personalwirtschaft.

If you are interested in licensing, please contact us directly as licenser. We look forward to receiving an e-mail to or your call at +49 5141 740074.

Anneli Gabriel

graphic: Hurtig Design