In this podcast episode you can hear how you too can benefit from the practical use of the Power-Potential-Profile® for your company. Just click on ‘play’ and in 26 minutes you will be well informed about the many possible applications…

Please note, that this podcast is only available in German language.

The podcast episode consists of two interviews. An overview of the content as well as an explanation of some of the abbreviations frequently used in the interviews can be found here.

The personality analysis in a nutshell

The Power-Potential-Profile® (abbreviated: PPP) is a valid and theoretically sound personality analysis. It consists of several modules. You can use them individually or combine them. Here you can find more information, including a short interview on YouTube.

The instrument measures three levels:

  • Personality Structure (Jungian Personality Profile – JPP)
  • Attitude towards professional role (Matrix for the Development of Attitude – MDA)
  • Competences for leadership and sales (Future Skills for Leadership, classic and dynamic as well as Sales – FSL or FSS)

In the interviews, Valentina Seier and Stefan Kiefner report on the helpful interaction of the two modules JPP and MDA, among other things.

Three research questions on the benefits and use of PPP in companies

Interview with Valentina Seier

In September 2020, the time has come: Valentina Seier submits her Master’s thesis. With it, she will complete her MBA degree in business psychology at the KMU Akademie & Management AG. The focus of the thesis is on personality tests, and the question of what companies expect from the use of such tests. In the jungle of offers, she comes across our PowerPotential-Profile® through a tip from Dr. Anke Nienkerke-Springer. She asks flow if we can support her in her Master’s thesis and gets started. The focus is on three research questions:

How are personality tests used in the course of personnel development and what expectations do companies have of their use?

  1. what methods are available to companies to determine the results from the use of personality tests in personnel development?
  2. what expectations do companies have of the use of the Power-Potential-Profile® as an instrument of personnel development and are the expectations fulfilled in practice?

For her master’s thesis, Ms Seier conducted intensive literature research as well as expert interviews with practitioners in companies. We at flow consulting were really curious to hear what they had to say about the benefits of the tool. You can hear everything else in the interview. But – this much can already be revealed here: The result is extremely positive throughout.

A practical report on the many possibilities of using the PPP

Interview with Stefan Kiefner

Stefan Kiefner is an executive in the IT department of a large industrial company, a systemic coach and a convinced user of the Power-Potential-Profile®. As we prepare a joint workshop for the annual network meeting of PPP consultants, I ask him how often he uses the tool. He answers: “…actually all the time, especially the JPP.” Thus the idea for the second interview of this episode is born. Because it is worthwhile to hear how diversely Stefan Kiefner uses the personality analysis. Not only in individual and challenging team coaching. In the context of leadership development, for example, he also likes to use the JPP to work with the managers in his area of responsibility on the quality of interview questions for personnel selection. He reports on how this came about in the interview.

I wish you good impulses for your own work. Have fun and thank you for listening!

Anneli Gabriel

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