As of June 2020, flow consulting is going on tour in Germany with the “dynamic leader’s lab”. The new series of events is part of the main topic for 2020: “Leadership 4.0”.


The flow office in Celle was transformed into a TV studio for two hours right at the beginning of the new year. Tables and chairs were moved, the LED spotlight was adjusted, the camera position was corrected one last time – and then it was “action! Director and cameraman Jannis Keil shot a video about the “flow dynamic leader’s lab” with our colleagues Sandra Hild and Silke Engel as well as Frank Wippermann.

make a live experience at the academy

But what exactly is it? “With the one-day flow dynamic leader’s lab, we want to give customers throughout Germany the opportunity to experience the new flow academy”, explains Silke Engel. “The emphasis is on ‘experience’. The lab is really meant to be a laboratory: experimental learning, input and exchange among the executives of different companies – this is how we want to make the seven key competencies for digital transformation tangible

digital transformation is more than technology

Clear up a major misunderstanding: “Many people believe that digital transformation is just technology. It is not,” says Frank Wippermann. It’s much more: “Work processes are becoming more flexible, employees have changed expectations and the culture within organizations is changing. The classic management skills are often no longer sufficient”, says the flow managing director. “That is why the participants in this event learn the seven competencies for successful leadership in dynamic situations. The results of a short test will also give them individual impulses to strengthen their leadership role. But I don’t want to reveal everything yet…”

intensive exchange at special locations

The „flow dynamic leader’s lab“ is:

18.06.2020 in Celle
26.08.2020 in Frankfurt a.M.
29.09.2020 in Hamburg
27.10.2020 in München
19.11.2020 in Berlin.

“We have chosen special places at all locations: From the castle to the former grocery store. Places that have made a transformation,” says Sandra Hild, looking forward to a special ambience and an exciting exchange with the participants. By the way: “Not only managers are welcome. I think that HR professionals can also get a new perspective on managers in the digital transformation in the dynamic leader’s lab”, says Sandra Hild.

In order to maintain the workshop character and to allow for an intensive exchange, there is an upper limit of 20 participants.

Therefore: Take a look right away which date fits best into your calendar. I look forward to welcoming you personally at the “flow dynamic leader’s lab”.

Until then, I wish you a good start into the New Year!

Silke Engel

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picture: pixabay