A few days ago, I visited our state capital Berlin as part of a vocational training programme.

March 2020: Berlin in a state of emergency, a social media certificate course and personal tips for mental strengthening.

Basically, I share the opinion that Berlin is always worth a visit. But in times of the corona virus, even Berlin is not what it usually is. Three days in a deserted hotel, where there was no other guest but me. Accordingly, the day begins without breakfast, without coffee, without contact with “conspecifics”.

A good glass of wine remains an unfulfilled wish

The further training course takes place in a remote design office, which is anything but hustle and bustle. Apart from muesli, coffee and small snacks, there is nothing to delight the palate and heart. After hours of listening, working and discussing, my way leads me through an almost deserted city. The thought of a dinner, a good glass of wine remains an unfulfilled wish: all restaurants and pubs are closed.

Necessity is the mother of invention; so off to the supermarket. My tired look falls on mostly empty shelves and tense staff. A loaf of bread, a little cheese and mineral water – that was the result of my shopping

Use the time for yourself, gain strength and maintain contact

So my way leads me back to the hotel, to my room, where I am alone with myself and the flood of information about the Corona virus. As dreary as the mood is, there is only one way out: “Mens sana in corpore sano” – a Latin phrase. It means “a healthy mind in a healthy body”.

Besides hygiene recommendations and instructions on how to deal with other people, another important factor is to develop an inner calm and strength that gives confidence and strength.

As a mental coach, I offer you three concrete tips in the following.

And: For a revision of your social media strategy to use and expand virtual contacts in a targeted manner, I offer you my experience as a social media consultant: Sandra Hild


Remote Working: 4 tips for gaining mental strength

  1. Meditation and breathing techniques: In joint video conferences we will guide you to try out healthy breathing techniques and to clear your head. The news and the corona virus itself rob us of our breath, they sometimes tie up our throats. Through breathing techniques, energy blockages in body and mind can be released. Stress, sleep disorders, high blood pressure and much more can be reduced. When using the ‘Sitting in the Silence’ meditation technique, you will reach a point where your mind will move to a quiet place of well-being and balance.
  1. Mindfulness instead of mindfullness – an indispensable tool in today’s world: We bring mindfulness training into your organization via Internet. Travel – discover the beauty of the world – currently a clear NO GO for an indefinite period of time. Go on a journey through your body, take a mental journey and get to know yourself and your inner self. Mental journeys that broaden the horizon in times when borders are closed.
  1. Corona Work Out – embodiment training at home: A YouTube video can be found on our company channel. Keep moving, do good to the body. This is currently a challenge for many people, which they are unable to meet, because fitness studios, sports facilities and public places are subject to bans. Keep your body and mind fit with embodiment coaching, work-out sessions and muscle relaxation.

If you would like to get to know our coaching approach in business coaching, you will find further information here: flow coaching 

Maintain and build up contacts. Revise social media strategy.

Social media platforms keep in touch in times of contact blocks.

“Social media are all media that support users in mutual communication and interactive exchange of information via digital channels” is the definition. Do you already have a social media strategy? Or do you want to revise it? We would be happy to offer you support, e.g. in the form of virtual online sessions. Please ask us for an appointment.

You can find our further expertise in marketing topics here: flow marketing

In our fast-moving and highly modern, totally connected world, it is good and necessary to reflect on the essentials. We are currently forced to question ourselves, our values and what is important to us in life and not to lose sight of them. We can use the coronavirus crisis as a kind of “pause for reflection”, because if we retreat to the garden arbor, the study or the terrace as part of the home office, this can lead, among other things, to us reinventing ourselves and the world.

Take advantage of this perhaps quieter time for your personal development. Read, use e-learnings, virtual training and coaching offers to be prepared for the new upswing. Act instead of wait and see.

We will be there for you – please do not hesitate to contact me sandra.hild@flow.de

Many thanks for your interest!

Sandra Hild

Foto: Berlin. Pariser Platz. Unter den Linden. Royalty-free stock photo by Sergey Novikov