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Listen to the interview with Frank Wippermann.

The essence from the podcast (only available in German) you can read here. We start with the question:

What is digital transformation – and what is not?

The digital transformation should not be mixed-up with the technical term digitisation. Rather, it is about dealing with the effects of digitisation on society, organisations and leadership and managing and shaping the transformation from one state to another.

Which changes should managers deal with in any case?

Triggered by technical digitalization and social change, leadership is changing. Customers are making new demands. Employees have changed expectations of their work. Knowledge and experience in organizations is distributed in new ways. All of this makes adapted decision-making behaviour necessary and it is necessary to break away from – often cherished – routines at many levels in the organization. The practical example in this podcast describes how this can be achieved.

Tools and three starting points for developing digital maturity

In organizations that have to become increasingly flexible and agile, leadership has to be rethought. Managers are then no longer just the people who hold the corresponding position via hierarchy and business card. The digital transformation requires a more flexible understanding of leadership. In order to develop digital maturity in all persons in leadership situations, a look at the classical and dynamic leadership competencies helps.

In addition to personnel development, a maturity model helps to analyse the three interfaces and the interaction between ‘man-technology-organisation’ and to derive appropriate conclusions. This practice report describes the step-by-step procedure towards more digital maturity – i.e. organisational development.

The digital transformation is only just beginning

The digital transformation will undoubtedly continue, we are only at the beginning of the developments. If you are interested in very solid evidence for this thesis, we recommend that you take a look at the flagship report of the German Advisory Council on Global Change.

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