The live event on dynamic leadership could finally take place. You can hear more about the dynamic leader’s lab in this podcast episode (german version).

Networking at a high level

We had to postpone it again and again for corona reasons and now the time had finally come: the dynamic leader’s lab took place. Leaders from different sectors came together in Celle Castle to spend a whole day dealing with the topic of dynamic leadership. In this podcast episode, my colleague Silke Engel reports on her impressions.

What is the dynamic leader’s lab about?

In short, it’s about leadership in dynamic, complex environments and situations. And it’s about trying things out together, experimenting and reflecting on who deals with complexity or also different professional value worlds. The term lab in the sense of laboratory character is therefore to be taken literally at this event.
The joint start to the day revolves around the question of how leadership has changed among the participants in recent years. What skills do they need today more than before in order to be able to deal with complexity and volatility? To this end, participants will develop their own competency roadmap and establish the connection to the C2L study.

Dynamic Leadership: Experience broadening perspectives in a simple way

One tool stands out – and it may at first seem almost paradoxical in the context of complexity – because of its simplicity. One of seven dynamic leadership competencies is “widen perspectives”. The assignment to the participants was: “Connect these 16 points with each other…” – nothing more. The effect: everyone initially believes they have found the most logical variant. When they look at the bigger picture, it quickly becomes clear how many other variants are possible. An important experience, especially when it comes to broadening one’s own view of professional value worlds.

Leadership 4.0: An excursion into the 7 worlds of values

The participants were very interested in the german study of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs “Worlds of Values in Work 4.0”. Which of my own professional value worlds do I come from as a manager? And what other values do I encounter in my everyday management work? The self-test on the value worlds provides valuable information, and the discussion and the joint – albeit time-limited – opportunity for reflection were particularly well received at the dynamic leader’s lab.

The benefits of the dynamic leader’s lab

The group found the day together to be a very worthwhile investment. Especially the opportunity to discuss current leadership issues at a very high level and to look at the big picture from an appropriate altitude was well received. The interactive design and the laboratory character of the event facilitated a valuable exchange.

What’s next?

Those who were not able to attend this time have the opportunity to continue their education individually with the e-learning programme on dynamic leadership. If you are a little more patient, take a look at our homepage now and then, because there will definitely be a next edition of the live event in Celle Castle in 2023. Or you can register now and we will keep you regularly informed.

Kind regards
Anneli Gabriel

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