The members of the Digital Innovation Tank at GWH Wohnungsbaugesellschaft generated 270 creative ideas and took an important step into digital future with a great deal of joy and curiosity for the new. See how this project became successful.

Focusing on digital future

In September 2018, the Digital Innovation Tank – DIT for short – was launched at GWH Wohnungsgesellschaft mbH Hessen. Together with 10 selected members I’ve been in Limburg and have facilitated the kick-off workshop for this new format for GWH. The aim of the Top management: The DIT is to compile ideas for the digitization and it should give innovation to the enterprise. The expectations, rights and duties were clearly communicated in advance.

The curiosity for this project was great and it quickly became clear to all participants they had a real chance to actively shape the future of the company.

Promoting creativity

My role in this process:

  • Structure and control the overall process,
  • provide supporting information on the topic of innovation,
  • facilitate discussions in the sprints,
  • offer new creativity techniques.

I particularly enjoyed the sprints. It was a great experience in terms of content and even for the community. Interesting locations such as an old factory building, a Co-Working Space in Hanover, etc. have set the frame. Very exciting!

Decision for agile methods

In order to use resources in a responsible way people who have been concerned decided to work with agile methods. At the same time new work structures have been tested.

The introduction of new methods bring along friction losses. Every agile methodology need to be learned and should be adapted to the challenge. The members of the DIT showed great willingness to question themselves and their ideas again and again and to engage in new things. The positive effects of these methods have been noticeable for everyone.

The journey continues

The fact 270 ideas were generated is also due to the good integration of the colleagues in the company by the DIT members. Many ideas came not only from DIT itself, but from the entire workforce. Finally five concrete business cases were developed, which will be put through their paces this year and next year.

Project report DIT bei GWH

I am very curios about further developments and how the end result will be.

If this project report awakens YOUR curiosity for the new, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to answering your questions.

Kind Regards

Renke Ulonska

picture: flow consulting gmbh