As part of their digitalization strategy and to push the digital transformation, LEAG focuses on a think tank approach (Digital Think Tank ‘DTT’). This approach is supposed to positively affect the company’s cultural shift toward more agility. flow consulting has supported and accompanied the digital think tank in its first steps.

In this project report, I mainly write about the project’s first phase – the conception, targets and project kick-off– since now, in August 2017, the DTT is still in a working phase.

“We intend to stimulate and launch LEAG’s cultural shift toward more entrepreneurial and lived agility to open up towards a more agile company culture” says Alexander Lengstorff Wendelken, the initiator of the DTT. The approach – if successful – is to serve as a model for other projects of this kind.

Kick-off workshop

The three days kick-off workshop in April 2017 was an important milestone and it was a great pleasure to me to conduct it. Together with the 10 selected employees, I worked along the following topics:

• Team building and personality: the group’s diversity and collaboration
• Creativity: techniques for finding and selecting ideas, and innovation
• DTT organization: working techniques for a well-functioning think tank

Here you can find the project report – I hope you enjoy reading it.

Project report: Digital Think Tank

Renke Ulonska