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  • Do you want to become more efficient in sales?
  • Do you want your employees to master challenges confidently?
  • Would you like to empower non-salespeople to support sales?

Three times “yes” and the customer buys – that is sales know-how from yesterday. If you talk your customers into something today, you can expect negative entries on the Internet. In addition, many products need explanation and require genuine customer orientation. Only those who really understand their customers will become a good salesperson. The techniques you need for successful sales can be trained. With us.

Tailor-made sales trainings for your needs

In our sales seminars, we enable your employees to act in a customer- and company-orientated manner. In the basic seminars you will learn which competencies distinguish a successful salesperson and how you can expand them. In the expert seminar we support your people in really tricky situations. And since sales are no longer made by salespeople only, we enable their non-salespeople to understand sales processes and support sales through their often particularly close customer relationships.

All our in-house seminars are of course tailored to your individual needs. Contact us so that together we can develop a tailor-made training concept for you.

Seminar 1: sales skills I
Seminar 2: sales skills II
Seminar 3: sales experience
Seminar 4: sales for nonsales-people

Seminar 1

sales skills I

Understanding what matters – Developing sales competencies

Selling something can be so easy – and at the same time so difficult. All you have to do is show your product to one of your customers and he’ll have direct access. With the next customer you can talk your mouth fuzzy and she still remains skeptical. Why is that so?

Every person is different and therefore every sales situation is different. For you as a salesperson, this means that you need a sales strategy that you can adapt flexibly to different situations and customers. In order to develop this strategy, you must first understand what is actually important in sales.

In the first part of our basic sales seminar, we use the tool Future Skills for Sales® (FSS) developed by us to first get to know your current competence profile. Building on this, you will learn more about the eight essential sales competencies and how to you can use them to your advantage.

Target group:

  • Sales representatives
  • Sales managers

sales skills I

content priorities

  • Future Skills for Sales® – the essential sales competencies
  • Attitude and roles of the salesperson
  • Customer types – if I want to reach people, I have to speak their language
  • Sustainability of sales methods – winning customers, retaining customers
  • Successful sales communication

sales skills II

content priorities

  • FSS reloaded: Which fields of competence have changed and why?
  • Expanding the eight key competences
  • Efficient self-organization as the basis for successful distribution
  • Mastering challenging communication situations
  • What does ‘4.0’ mean in and for successful sales?

Seminar 2

sales skills II

Strong in sales – applying successfully learned sales competences

You are well prepared, your sales strategy is in place and you are confident that you will be able to close the deal. However, the sales talks do not go to plan. The customer keeps on raising different objections and your arguments are not taken on board.

Every sales person has encountered such situations splitting excellent sales methods from the merely good ones. Successful sales people not only have realistic goals in mind and are well prepared for a meeting with the customer, but do also excel by actively establishing a customer relationship. They will show flexibility in customer approach, asking the right questions, implementing their argumentation technique, reacting professionally to objections whilst recognising purchase signals promptly.

In the second part of our basic sales seminar, you will be practicing how to apply the sales skills you have acquired in Part I in your specific customer meetings. You will be practising how to lead your sales meetings in a sensitive manner tailored to various types of customers developing a sound feeling for the varied sales situations. This seminar is also based on the Competence-Tool Future Skills for Sales (FSS) developed by us.

Target group:

  • Field representatives

Seminar 3

sales experience

Transfer of knowledge from one professional to another – how to master tricky situations

As a long-standing out of office sales representative nothing comes as a surprise to you. However, maybe it does? To be honest, are there not tricky situations to be found making you feel uncomfortable and unsure, despite your vast experience  finding yourself at a loss of what to do for the best.

Do not worry, you are not the only one. In this seminar you will meet people with the same experiences. Shortly before closing a deal you are getting flimsy excuses and pulling out of a deal seems eminent. You have to explain to the customer that you had promised too much, you got stuck in a price negotiations, you were unable to close the deal because of failed communication. For these or similar situations no model solutions can be found. However,  you will become well equipped for such situations.

In this seminar we are working with concrete examples showing you how to be able to master tricky situations with confidence. Therefore you will be gaining two fold: You will get feedback from experienced colleagues and you will be getting to know alternative methods. As well as exchanging your experiences, practical exercises and proven know-how for negotiation methods will be central to this exquisite training.

Target group:

  • Sales representatives with many years of experience

sales experience

content priorities

  • Your sales world: Case work on tricky sales situations
  • Clever negotiation – being prepared, acting strategically, closing the bag
  • Dealing with demanding or dissatisfied customers
  • Understanding the psychological tricks of buyers and reacting strategically and intelligently
  • Practical simulations and exercises with video feedback.

sales for nonsales-people

content priorities

  • The 6E model: Valuable information for your sales force
  • Reflecting the inner attitude – overcoming resistance
  • Interest in the customer as the motor of customer loyalty
  • More than a question-answer – determining the true needs of the customer
  • Optimizing interfaces between experts and sales

Seminar 4

sales for employees

Sales do not hurt – sales training for none sales personnel

As a skilled employee you will come in regular contact with customers. In doing so you will gain insight into the requirements and needs of your customers. Having acquired this understanding you will be able to actively support your company successfully without having to make direct sales.

Times of a clear divide in the duties of  office staff and sales personnel are no longer existing. The reluctance towards sales, many of  specialist staff are having however has not yet disappeared. They still are finding it difficult to address customers  promoting the products of their company. However, there is actually no need to worry  as the direct sales are still to be made by the professional sales people. In conveying understanding and knowledge gained concerning customers, the specialists in the office  will be able to support the sales people assisting them in recognising sales opportunities, passing these on whilst gathering and sharing important information.

In this seminar you will learn with the help of 6E – models how to ask the right questions over and above technical solutions leading to possible sales. You will be checking your own attitude to sales overcoming resistance and finding a common language with the sales colleagues.  Making it possible to work in unisons towards the common goal of increasing the success of the company.

Target group:

  • Employees with customer contact who work in the sales department