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Initiating and accompanying changes

  • Do you want to train change agents professionally?
  • Do you want your managers to be made fit to accompany change projects competently?
  • Do you want to promote a culture of innovation within the company?
  • Do you want to support a specific change project with goal-orientated training?

Change processes are not business as usual for any organization. They present managers and employees with varied major challenges. These must be recognized, accepted and mastered in order for the change process to be successful.

Tailor-made change trainings for your needs.

In our seminars on change management, we prepare your managers for the typical challenges of a change process. In our basic seminar, they learn the theoretical basics and how to apply them in practice. In our in-depth seminars, we deal explicitly with the role of managers in change, communication and the special case of innovation management.

All our in-house seminars are of course tailored to your individual needs. Contact us so that together we can develop a tailor-made training concept for you.

Seminar 1: change basics
Seminar 2: change leadership
Seminar 3: change communication
Seminar 4: change innovation

Seminar 1

change basics

Understanding Change and successfully shaping change

Change in companies may be unsettling for many people concerned. You being the manager therefore will be able to help the employees, taking away their fears during this process of change.

However, what is actually meant by change and what is the difference between “change management” and “project management?” Why does change trigger reservations and resistance? What might be the reactions in a team exposed to a project change and what would you be able to do to facilitate this process?

In our seminar you will be given the answers to these questions and also you will have the opportunity to apply theoretical approaches to your situation. This will strengthen your daily life situation within the company and assist you and your team during a period of change.

Target group:

  • Managers in a changing work environment
  • Managers who plan and implement change

change basics

content priorities

  • Change Management or Project Management? A question of complexity!
  • Prudent planning and a clear structure are the foundation of a successful change process.
  • Open communication from A to Z
  • No going back – Establishing successful changes permanently
  • What changes often fail to achieve – and what helps to prevent them?

change leadership

content priorities

  • Managing contradictory requirements – dealing with uncertainties
  • Shaping your own role diversity in the change process
  • reflect on and expand your scope for action and design
  • Dealing constructively with resistance in the change process
  • Ingredients for a successful change.

Seminar 2

change leadership

The role in management during project change

“Overlooking the project”, “Providing Guidance”, Implementing an Order”, these are the duties  often known for a Management undergoing Change. However, unlike during classical working projects, you will be placed directly in the centre of the project change. Instead of controlling ‚from the above’ you will need the use of a new innovate approach.

It is important for you being the manager to assert the staff/employees in feeling secure without promising too much. You will be challenged in different roles. You will be required to openly moderate decision making processes, seek actively new perspectives, reconcile conflicting interests and goals, carry out  step by step planning  putting everything into practice. You will see, Management during Change is no longer achieved  from up and above like the captain on the bridge of his ship, but on deck together with the entire crew made up of staff, customers and suppliers. When a storm is brewing every one has to be able to rely on one another.

In this seminar you will learn how to assess your own role within a change project and how to act appropriately guided by procedures and tools, ensuring nobody will go over board  even if a hurricane is brewing.

Target group:

  • Managers, prospective managers
  • change agents
  • People who want to implement changes in their organization

Seminar 3

change communication

Keep up Communication – specific communication during process of change

As manager you are highly motivated to break down existing structures and to change matters. In order to ensure that your co-workers will follow you all along the way their constant involvement will be needed.

The appropriate communication during a change will help you. Right from the onset sensibility needs to be shown by you in regard to the internal communication process.  Good observation and listening are needed as to what and how is spoken regarding the change. In doing so you are building the foundation for an effective communication within the Change process.

In this seminar you will learn how to get your team on board starting with the introduction of the project. You will receive the tools – from internal marketing to one to one talks – involving all concerned during the entire period of the process of change. You will be shown how typical mistakes are to be avoided, how to motivate your team and to react correctly to various motives and requirements. It is evident that in each phase of the change process appropriate communication is needed. The handling of this communication is lying in your hands.

Target group:

  • Managers, prospective managers
  • change agents
  • people who want to implement changes in their organization

change communication

content priorities

  • Communicating benefits – Creating a communication concept
  • Stay in touch – get to know the variants
  • Moderating and communicating decisions
  • Powerfully stage the start – reduce ambiguities
  • Conduct solution-oriented dialogues with individuals and groups
  • Effectively design evaluation rounds in the current process
  • Typical communication traps and how to avoid them.

change innovation

content priorities

  • Organisational prerequisites for successful innovation (4-field approach)
  • Disruption – what do innovation and innovative work mean?
  • Agile and more – the right methodology in the innovation process
  • Critically test prototypes – weigh up and test their implementation
  • Anchoring innovation in the business model – integrating it or setting it up anew?

Seminar 4

change innovation

Management of innovations – creating something New

A good idea or innovation often happens by chance as for instance the discovery of penicillin or the invention of the microwave. However, what can be done if a good idea needs to be developed quickly?

Can ideas be teased out under pressure and how do you recognise good ideas in a stress situations,  telling  the difference between a good idea and  one which might not be as good? Furthermore, an innovative idea will only be useful if it will be implemented. As a rule the basis of an innovation is a structured process, starting with an idea, creating a model and finally obtaining a new product. This product might be a New Process, a New Structure, a New Service, a New Marketing Project, or it could be something entirely different.

During this seminar you will learn how to successfully engage in designing an innovative  process. Various tools will assist you in making  your innovations become reality. The way to your innovative creations!

Target group:

  • Change Managers
  • Employees
  • Executives

The flow turn map gives you orientation in the change project

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